A Note From Your Ministries of the Word

December 30, 2013 by

Dear St. Malachy parishioners,

Your ministers of the word are responsible for requesting families, no matter the size, to bring up the communion gifts. As with any request, it is not always easy to ask someone for their help. We ask that you please help our ministry the following ways:

1. Pray for the ministry.

2. Volunteer to bring up the gifts at any mass.

3. Ask your fellow parishioners to volunteer.

We have many wonderful members and families in our church. We pray for the Holy Spirit to help us in asking members to bring up the gifts, and when that person declines, sometimes we get a little disheartened and then struggle to ask another couple or family. In particular, it has been difficult to find volunteers for the 7:30 AM Sunday mass. If the spirit moves you to bring up the gifts, you just need to see the person with the white binder in the gathering room – they will gladly take your name! If you were to just volunteer one time a year, that would be blessing to us and we believe, to you! It is a wonderful experience for anyone – be it an individual, a couple or a family of eight!

Thanks much!

Joe Schuirmann