Light of the World

The Light of the World retreat is back at St. Malachy, starting 6pm on September 22nd through 25th.  Join us for this free retreat experience where all meals are provided and you go home to sleep in your now bed every night.  Sign up soon, as spaces are limited.  Contact the office via telephone at 586.264.1220 x1100 to sign up for this life changing experience.


Vendors and Crafters Needed

August 18th, 19th, and 20th

Our 38th annual summerfest is a 3 day family event, which brings in approximately 14,000 people over the 3 days.  Our show is under a tent, so you are dry even if it rains.  The cost for this 3 day event is $175 for a 10×10 space that includes a 8 foot table and 2 chairs. $10 for an extra table.  We have a wide variety of food for sale all weekend long, including a different style of dinner each afternoon.  If you are interested please email

Alpha at St. Malachy!

ALPHA is an evangelization event run over 15 weeks that brings people together, asks the BIG questions in life and allows partici- pants to freely express and discuss their own questions about Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Our Faith in a relaxed and comfortable environ- ment.

Who is it for?

ALPHA is for everyone, but it really works best for people who have questions and concerns about the Faith and have (perhaps) fall- en away from the Church. One of the best ways to experience AL- PHA is to invite a friend to attend with you, such as a co-worker, a relative, or a neighbor, who may have stopped coming to Church, for any reason.

How does it work?

ALPHA begins with a meal. Participants get to know each other in a relaxed and non-threatening environment. After the dinner, a video is shown which has one BIG question in it and explanations of what the Church teaches. The first video (for example) is entitled, “Is there more to LIFE than this?” After the video a group discussion ensues. Everyone is free to comment and is encouraged to do so. No opinions are exempt, hosts of the table groups do not answer ques- tions, but rather encourage participants to explore their feelings and understandings. The ALPHA Team states its beliefs through the video. The Holy Spirit guides the process over the course of the ses- sions.

When does it occur?

The first ALPHA session is on Monday, January 9, 2017; and begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Currier Center, concluding about two hours later. Subsequent sessions are scheduled on every Monday night until April 3, 2017, when ALPHA concludes.

How can I participate, and is there a cost for this series of meetings?
Registration forms are available in the office (in the Currier Center) and in the Gathering Space after each mass. NO, there is no cost for participants…but we ask that you register so we can complete our planning in anticipation of your attendance. For more information call Gordon Peck 586-296-9878


Another year of music is about to begin!

And we want you!

The St. Malachy Music Ministry has a choir for everybody!

Contact Cat Menzies at x1103 for more information about joining the following choirs!


Genesis Choir:

Childrens Choral Ensemble, Welcome to kids who love singing in 1st-5th grade! No Experience Necessary!


Bell Canto:

Beginning Handbells, All Ages Welcome, No Experience Necessary!


Ring Out!:

Auditioned Handbells, Welcome to High School age and above!


Worship Choir:

Mixed Mens and Women’s Choral ensemble! Welcome to High School age and above, No Experience Necessary!


Contemporary Choir:

Welcome to persons late high school/college and above! Musicians and Vocalists welcome, especially bass players!


Choir of Everlasting Life:

Welcome to those able to lend their voices for families in their darkest times. No Experience Necessary!