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  • St. Malachy Church
  • 14115 Fourteen Mile Rd.
  • Sterling Heights, MI 48312
  • (586) 264-1220
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Welcome to St. Malachy

St. Malachy building photo

Welcome to St. Malachy! We’re glad you stopped by our website. Please sit back, relax, and peruse to get to know us and see what we’re all about.

There are many activities to get involved with both spiritual and social. From the summer festival, choirs, and youth groups, to Christian service, prayer ministry, and mens and womens clubs, there is truly something for everyone of every age.

Feel free to contact the church office for additional information or to answer any questions.

Chinese Baskets

Ever thought about making a Chinese Basket for the festival?  Themes are as simple or as complicated as you wish. Start with something simple: Summer Toys: think beach: sand bucket, shovel, sunscreen, water bottle, Crystal Light, ball, bat, net, tennis balls, golf balls, sun hat, beach towel, backpack to carry all the stuff.
Or what about a shared basket: for grandchild and grandparent? Fishing pole, tackle box, a few lures, and a coupon for lunch at a local fast food place.What about a coupon for a movie? And a couple boxes of movie candy, a couple of dollars for popcorn. Done.Don’t be intimidated by the size of previous baskets. Good things do come in smaller packages.

Don’t really want to make a complete basket, but you have an unused holiday gift card? Why not donate it to the auction committee. They will take that gift card and add it to an already existing basket.

The possibilities are endless. Catch the sales while they’re hot, do your shopping before the summer heat rises, get it done early, so you can sit back and enjoy every minute of SummerFest 2013. No need to wrap: Joan and Crew will do that job for you: call: Joan: 586-786-0347