Funeral Lunches

We know that losing a loved one is one of the most difficult times in our lives. Therefore as much as we can, St. Malachy tries to ease the burden of the many logistical needs that come along with planning a funeral.

Our funeral lunches are a service provided for St. Malachy families as an option to those who wish to keep most of the day’s events in one location or have a more intimate setting for the lunch that follows the liturgy and/or cemetery.

Cooking and preparation is handled by our funeral lunch committee and dedicated parishioners. We ask the families to pay for whichever meats they choose, and also purchase the pop and ice. Our community, free of charge, supplies all other parts of the meal. We have a variety of vegetables, potatoes, salad, and rolls prepared and donated by our parishioners. Desserts, coffee, water, and often tea are also provided free to the families.

If you find your family in need of such a service call our coordinator, Joan Jeffers, at 586.786.0347.