Parish Nurse

nurseParish Nursing is a specialty practice and professional model of health ministry. It is rooted in the Judeo Christian tradition, consistent with the basic assumptions of all faiths, that we care for self and others as an expression of God’s love. The spiritual dimension is central to parish nursing practice. The practice holds that all persons are sacred and must be treated with respect and dignity.

The parish nurse understands health to be a dynamic process, which embodies the spiritual, psychological, physical, and social dimensions of the person. Through partnership with other community health resources, parish nursing fosters new and creative responses to health and wellness concerns.

At St. Malachy Parish, Parish Nursing provides:

  • Blood Pressure screening the second Sunday of every month after all Masses
  • Flu shots every fall provided by the CVS Pharmacy Public Health Division
  • Basic emergency care for situations occurring during liturgy, prayer services, First Friday devotions, any and all parish functions
  • AED units in church and the Currier Center
  • Fully stocked First Aid Kits in church and the Currier Center kitchen

AED classes and CPR training/certification are also offered every so often.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call our parish nurse, Henrietta Steiner at 586 779-6477.