Giving Tree 2013

November 18, 2013 by

With Christmas just around the corner, its time to prepare for Advent and keep in mind all those who are less fortunate then we are. During His time here on earth, Jesus asked us to love one another as He loves us and to give from the heart to those who are in need. The need continues to grow every year. We know that we cannot help everyone, but with your generosity we will be able to assist many who otherwise would have nothing. Sirach 7:32 says “To the poor man also extend your hand, that your blessings may be complete.” Here is your opportunity to do just that. This year the tree will be decked out with ornaments representing:

  • St. Aloysius – Detroit
  • Home Visitors of Mary
  • Imago Dei
  • Most Holy Trinity – Detroit
  • Sacred Heart – Roseville
  • St. Malachy
  • St. Vincent de Paul Soc.

St. Aloysius as well as Most Holy Trinity take care of the homeless in the Detroit area. Do to cuts in the diocese budget, St. Aloysius has lost their warming center and are now serving the community by bringing food, clothing etc. to the streets.

Most Holy Trinity – is still able to provide food and clothingfrom their basement storeroom.

Home visitors of Mary – They visit the sick and elderly in the Detroit area and purchase food, medicine, and cover electric and gas bills.

Imago Dei – Pregnancy Crisis Center

Sacred Heart – This is where we send people who need more help than we can give them. They have a Food Pantry .

St. Malachy – For those who come to our door asking for immediate assistance before we can direct them to the agencies that will be able to help them long term.

St. Vincent de Paul Soc. – Prison Outreach Program – to give aide to post-release men and women when coming out of prison.

All gifts must be returned by December 8, 2013. Please be as generous as you have always been. St. Malachy gifts can be returned as late as Dec. 23, 2013. If you are in need of help, please call Joan Jeffers at 586-786-0347. If you have any question, please call Eva Gottschling at 586-446-0995.

Wishing you a blessed Advent Season,

Your Christian Service Team