Finance Council

The Parish Financial Council is a resource body for the Pastor. The Council works as a group charged with looking after the finances, property, and personnel issues as required by the Archdiocese for the smooth running of the parish business operations. Membership on the committee is voluntary and must be approved by the Pastor for a four year period.

The primary responsibility of the Financial Council is the preparation and execution of a balanced annual budget.

In order to meet the main objective of the Financial Council, these are some of the activities that the Council must perform to obtain the objective. Council must review monthly financial reports, conduct an annual inventory of all Parish Property, review all audits, and discuss all repairs to be performed on the property which cost more than $10,000. An annual budget must be submitted by the Council to the Archdiocese by May 15th prior to the budget year. Council must review and submit an annual financial report to the Archdiocese by August 15th after the end of the fiscal year. Meetings are held at on the first Wednesday of the monthly at 4pm or as needed depending on Parish Financial Council pending business.