Our History


Groundbreaking 03/20/1977

With this letter of appointment, our parish came into existence. Our first mass was celebrated at Robert Frost School in Warren. The weather that June 28, 1964 was hot, and we sat on steel chairs and knelt on bare floors. Still, you could sense that our future held something good. Fr. Ghelfi expressed our hope when he wrote in the Staff: “I well realize the difficulty that we must now endure. It is not easy to be out from a comfortable mother parish and begin as a fledgling, trying our own wings and foraging for ourselves. I am sure that there will be many hard days ahead of us. But with God’s grace and the unselfish efforts of every man, woman, and child in St. Malachy Parish, we will succeed. This is your parish, I am your shepherd, and I have no hands but yours.”

Almost eight months after groundbreaking ceremonies, we were able to move in and dedicate our temporary church on Wednesday, March 10, 1964. Robert Frost School had served us well. However, a growing parish welcomed a more appropriate place of worship.

Our first years also saw two important organizations come into existence. The Women of St. Malachy and Men of St. Malachy were a stepping-stone to the commissions of our present Parish Council. The latter was adopted in order to broaden the base of the authority and responsibility within our parish. St. Malachy’s Parish Council was the first of its kind to be established by any parish in the area.


Dedication 06/18/1978

In a few short years, our parish grew to almost two thousand registered families. As our members grew so did the requirement for programs and services. This led to a problem of lack of space that worsened with time. Finally a decision was reached. In support of the recommendation of their Pastor and their Parish Council, St. Malachy’s people voted to build a new church building.

Working together, many dedicated parishioners conducted a building fund drive to help finance construction of the new church. This drive resulted in pledges in excess of $365,000. Bolstered by the success of this drive, Fr. Ghelfi received final approval to build from the Archdiocese. Ground was broken on March 20, 1977.

A dream became a reality on June 18, 1978. Together with his Eminence Cardinal John. F. Dearden, Fr. Ghelfi, Fr. Martel, and priests from surrounding parishes, the people of St. Malachy celebrated the dedication of their new church building.

Since the early days of St. Malachy, we haven’t faltered from our mission statement. Our church welcomes all who enter with love and compassion – we want you to be part of the family that gathers! We outreach to the community through numerous Christian Service projects, McRest, Blood Drives, and a variety of other areas of giving that show the St. Malachy family’s truly loving and giving heart. Our yearly SummerFest is the highlight of our summer season bringing well over 10,000 participants to enjoy all the festivities we have to offer. Our Men’s and Women’s clubs are still going strong and offer a variety of opportunities that encourage all to be a part our family. Our worship services at now include seven choirs that offer different opportunities for parishioners to deepen their love for the Eucharist through praise and worship. From the early beginnings at Robert Frost School, the parishioners of St. Malachy have kept the atmosphere of family in all we do, and we welcome you to our family!