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  • St. Malachy Church
  • 14115 Fourteen Mile Rd.
  • Sterling Heights, MI 48312
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Welcome to St. Malachy

St. Malachy building photo

Welcome to St. Malachy! We’re glad you stopped by our website. Please sit back, relax, and peruse to get to know us and see what we’re all about.

There are many activities to get involved with both spiritual and social. From the summer festival, choirs, and youth groups, to Christian service, prayer ministry, and mens and womens clubs, there is truly something for everyone of every age.

Feel free to contact the church office for additional information or to answer any questions.

Our Patron Saint


Saint Malachy

St. Malachy was Archbishop of Armagh of Ireland. He was born in 1094 and died in 1148. He was a good friend of St. Bernard of Clairvaux who wrote “he governed it as a living rule and a bright mirror, as a book laid open in which all might learn the true precepts of life.”

St. Malachy went about eradicating vices, abolishing barbarous customs, and instill the use of the sacraments, especially confession and matrimony. His most famous possiessions were the “Book of Armagh” and a crozier called “Staff of Jesus” both supposed to have belonged to St. Patrick. St. Malachy was the first Irish saint canonized by a Pope.  His feast day is celebrated on November 3 each year.

Let us pray that our intercessions to St. Malachy may enable us to grow in the grace of God as our parish grows in the family of God.

Further information about the life of Saint Malachy can be found at Wikipedia.

The photograph used on this page is courtesy of Patricia Drury.