SummerFest 2013

July 1, 2013 by

SummerFest is quickly approaching and we do need your help!  Whether you can volunteer for only an hour or perhaps all three days, we need you!  So maybe Vegas is your thing?  Help deal, serve, or yell WINNER! and ring the bell!  Not the betting type?  How about food service?  From Italian sausage to pierogi, and pizza to corn on the cob, we have all the food groups!  Or perhaps making dolls for the doll booth or running games for our games tent is your thing.  Whatever your fancy we’ll find a place for you!  So check out our bulletin, website, or FB page to see all the fun events scheduled and who to contact for more information.  But block off those dates and we’ll see you in August!  SummerFest 2013…be there for the Grande Opening!

Friday August 16th, Saturday, August 17th, Sunday, August 18th