The Lenten Sketches

March 19, 2013 by

“Inspired by the life and message of Jesus Christ, artists in every medium have endeavored to capture the magnificence of His ministry among us.”  ~ Joseph M. Martin

Come here the events of Holy Week depicted through music, human recreation, and digital projection.  This powerful multi-media cantata by Joseph M. Martin combines our St. Malachy Worship Choir, the F.R.O.G. youth group, a live orchestra of local musicians, and our new digital projection screens.  The ride into Jerusalem, last supper, Mary holding her son, and three more classic works of sacred art inspired this Holy Week cantata of the last week of Christ’s life.  Narration, images, and choral anthems join to create a worship moment unlike any other.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to set your final week of Lent up right!

Palm Sunday
March 24, 2013
4pm, Free Admission
Doors open at 3:3opm