Will Our Kids Have Faith?

January 16, 2013 by

An opportunity for parents, parish staff, commissions, councils and all those concerned with the faith lives of our youth to find the answers to these questions:

  • What do we know about the religious lives of our youth?
  • What role to parents and family play in raising young people in the Catholic faith?
  • What can we do, as caring adults to help nurture the faith of our young people?
  • What is the National Study on Youth and Religion saying about our Catholic youth?
  • What is the NSYR saying about the role of parents and family in raising young people in the faith?

Come to an informative meeting on Wednesday, March 13th from 7:00pm- 8:30pm in the Currier Center. We ask only adults attend please as this is an adult-orientated workshop. Any questions, please contact 586-264-1220. Remember that at any given time, we are one generation away from losing our faith, so please consider attending this workshop/talk and you will leave with some excellent resources to practically address the challenges and rewards of raising youth people in the faith.